About Spraynozzle

was founded in South Africa in 1971 and has become the leading supplier of industrial nozzles, pumps and filters in Southern Africa. In addition, SPRAY NOZZLE is the sole manufacturer of the SPRAYDRENCH® range of emergency safety showers and eyewash equipment. In 2000, SPRAY NOZZLE (Pty) ltd introduced the Agricultural division, supplying the O.E.M. market with agricultural nozzles, pumps, controllers and filters. In 2001 the mechanical drive shaft and gearbox division was introduced.

SPRAY NOZZLE (Pty) ltd is an ISO-accredited company committed to the highest level of service and product quality. In particular, we offer expert advice to our customers in order to provide the best solution for their engineering projects.

SPRAY NOZZLE (Pty) ltd specializes in engineering applications and total design assistance for all industrial and agricultural projects. We have a team of dedicated staff to assist with design, selection and implementation of most projects.

Together with our in-house manufacturing facility and our international suppliers (as listed in the drop down menu), SPRAY NOZZLE (Pty) ltd endeavors to fulfill all our customers’ requirements, providing best quality and excellent service at competitive prices in today’s challenging economic climate. Please feel free to forward your enquiries for immediate attention.